Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Salem Arts

A handmade monster from my sister Arelene Browne. She has been making some similar to these that are now for sale out and around Salem Mass..

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This is one of the sculpures Dan Browne had on display at the Salem Arts Gallery. He has become the mascot for the Salem Arts Association. Hopefully someone will take him home. You can check out the rest of his work in ScrewLooseStudio.

Home From Vacation

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Uggh!! Home from vacation, back to work again. It is nice to come home and find this prtty cat waiting for me at the door. She was so mad I was gone. She has not left me alone since. What a cuddly shlop.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Institute of Contemporary Arts

I was fortunate to visit the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston a few days ago. We saw the works of Tara Donovan. She uses everyday objects in her installations to create organic shapes. Simply amazing. Sorry, could not take any photos as they were not allowed....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

White Masks

We came across this while walking on Canal St in the North End. Not sure what this building entrance was, but what an amazing display of masks

Vacation Knitting

Gotta love vacations! While here in sunny( cold!) Salem, Mass I've finished a hat, my sweater!!!!, and now on to a cabled beanie. It's been fantastic. The many things you could do on the train ride from Salem to Boston.... and back. This was my commuter rail hat in Aquarella. My yarn fix from Windsor Buttons in Boston. Completed between train rides in one day. Loved the colors! Such a great match to my Onitsuka Tigers. in griffin/shadow purple. Grrr..

Starting over

Once again... another attempt to start my own blog. This time, I will try to stick to it. I've had too many projects that I have finished over the past year and no one to share it with (well.. not quite true). Anyway, to anyone reading, I hope you enjoy!