Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Signs of Life!

Oh my first plant from seedling. I thought i would share with you the early stages of my basil plant growth. I bought this basil plant starter kit at Ikea last weekend, and already it is sprouting! Wow, it is so amazing how one could progress so quickly. " Ahhh, one day you will be a fully grown basil plant... and one day... you will become pesto.... " More to come in the days and weeks ahead.

Early Mother's Day

Finally, FINALLY!!!!! After 8 months ( OK, so it was stashed away as WIP for about 6 months) I finished the Cap Sleeve Eyelet Sweater from Closely Knit by Hannah Fettig . Once again I have made a sweater that doesn't fit. This is the second time this year! Unfortunately I think I knew it wouldn't fit from the moment I started knitting it. I brought it home to mom and dad to to use their floor ( blocking space), and who of course decided it would be hers to have and to hold?

It does look fantastic on her. Ugggh, my cashmere blend yarn!! Well I think I still have two balls left. Maybe I can make a hat for myself one of these days..... I told her " It is your Mother's Day gift! You can not wear it until Mother's Day!" She's wearing it on Easter.....