Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Buttony Sweater

Finally the perfect project for my stashed Artfibers "Chianti". They just recently closed their store on Sutter St in San Francisco. ( Ahh farewell to my many lunch breaks spent salivating at their unique fibers). They are still available online by the way. It was one of the first yarns I purchased 9 years ago when I was a beginner. I originally bought it for a v neck sweater, but after frustration from not understanding the pattern, and finding out from an expert knitter that I was knitting incorrectly.... i put it away, never to look at the light of day. Always a skein, never a sweater. Finally, thanks to the lovely Ravelry, I found the perfect pattern. It is The Buttony Sweater, by Katie Marcus

It fits perfectly! I made a few slight changes, such as spreading the buttons a little further apart. I also made 3/4 length sleeves ( this was due to not having enough yarn for long sleeves). Oh, finally as finished sweater that I like.. on me that is. It is a top down raglan, knitted in one piece so no seams!!!. I have found that the last few projects as well as my next one have been knitted that way. Buttons, of course, from Britex fabrics. Just in time to lounge in my new sweater this weekend.

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