Thursday, May 27, 2010


Lately I've been coming across this craze. Bacon? For dessert? Everyone loves bacon, but really? It's quite odd. We found out about this chocolate bar a few weeks ago while having dinner with a few friends. One told us about her obsession for this unique Vosges chocolate bar. The taste of sweet chocolate with salty pieces of bacon was just heaven. And at 8 dollars a bar, it better be a treat. I could see how the combination of salty and sweet would make such a great pairing. Chocolate covered pretzels, for instance? Chocolate covered potato chips? Mmmmm... that was surprisingly delicious. I will have to make some one day.... Anyway, back to bacon and chocolate. I came across the candy bars while perusing through the Ferry building this weekend. Tempted to try, I picked up the chocolate bar. Is it worth it. I put it back, unsure I wanted to spend 8 dollars on something I might spit out. As I scanned over the rest of the flavors, I found a smaller mini chocolate bacon bar. At 0.5 oz, $2.50! Ok, that's doable. I bought the bar and packed it away safely in my ecobag.
Later that evening, we decided to try it out. We unwrapped foil to find a delicate chocolate bar with an inscription that said " Inspire the people around you." Hmmm, a motivational chocolate bar. We broke apart a few small chunks to see the bits of bacon embedded into the bar. We took a nibble, and let the chocolate melt on our tongues..... Interesting... We took another bite. The decision so far has not been made as to whether it gets a thumbs up, well no thumbs down. It is almost fantastic, but maybe the idea of bacon and chocolate is still something I cannot wrap my head around. Well, it is an acquired taste, I suppose. What do you think?

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